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When I was a child, I wanted to take my brain out and put it somewhere else. Endless, tiring thoughts, insufferable at times. This continued into adult life and around my mid 30s I broke. My body gave in, and I suffered first from a broken thyroid and then chronic fatigue. Later, aged 38, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Looking back, I’d swear these were because of this relentless barrage of thinking, rumination and worries.

Discovering meditation, after that last diagnosis of a chronic life-long condition, felt like heaven. I mean I was…

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We’re all busy, right, so why not try this mini mindfulness exercise to bring happiness and gratitude into your little one’s life. Let us know how it goes? Maybe it’ll help you and the wider family too.

Mindfulness can help bring us back to the present moment, combine it with gratitude and you’ve a perfect mix of being right where you need to be. (Also, this might help when you’re tearing your hair out home-schooling, or they’re upset they can’t see their pals.)

Smiling heart

Best done in a quietish…

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How often do we ask our kids: “What can you see?” It’s our go-to-question.

But what if we used that to expand their mini-minds. Our little mindful children can be taught a whole range of things, if we take the time to engage all their senses, rather than just one.

Using this technique can help to ‘ground’ them, bring them back to their bodies, and to the present moment. In doing so, when we come back to our bodies, we rest our busy minds.

Remember this pandemic is affecting our little ones, just in different ways. Helping…

Bringing in 2021 with positivity

by Wee Seeds Founder, Christina Cran

Having a gratitude practice can help to shift thought patterns from negative to positive, lighten your shoulders, and lead to an increased sense of happiness.

We know 2020 has been a hard for everyone: often the difficulties faced can’t even be put into words.

That’s why we’re going into 2021 with a strong sense of being grateful and we’re inviting you along.

Gratitude can be cultivated in kids from an early age — and can be made fun through the likes of the Jar of Awesomeness exercise. …

🎁 💤 Sleeping on Christmas Eve…

Oh deer, what an exciting night, no wonder they don’t want to sleep. Don’t you remember being so excited it seemed you’d NEVER sleep, ever! All the rustling of the parcels, and the waiting….

Well, here are our top tips on helping our wee ones get to sleep on Christmas Eve.

— Get out for some fresh air today, walk them, swim, run, scoot — whatever it is, some outside time will help them sleep.

— Try to have some quiet cuddles at some point today — read a book, do some colouring in…

by Christina Cran, Wee Seeds Founder

During World War Two they coined the phrase Make Do and Mend* to encourage housewives to be frugal by providing them with tips on how to use their rations wisely.

Today, as Coronovirus takes a second grip around our lives, I find myself returning to the slogan to get me through the day. Making do with what I have and using it wisely feels like all I can do right now.

🧵 I can’t see my family, so I make do with Zoom.

🧵 I can’t get to the shops, so I make do…

by Christina, Wee Seeds Creator

Whether you are taking to the streets socially distanced, or planning a little spooky fun at home, there’s plenty of Halloween around. All those Zombies, ghouls, and vampires! If some grown ups can be spooked by these get-ups, then how do you think our little people feel?

A few years ago our neighbours had a motion-sensored moving Zombie in the doorway. You can imagine how that went down on a dark and spooky Halloween night with my three-year old!

So ahead of the Halloween shenanigans, we wanted to give you FOUR TOP TIPS on helping…

By Wee Seeds Founder, Christina

One of my lasting memories was hearing my son screaming as he left the hospital wing, his cries carrying back down the corridor to where I lay.

I was on the ward after being diagnosed with Type One diabetes. I’d been admitted and speedily hooked up to various drips, including insulin: the drug I would now have to self-administer for the rest of my life.

After two days, and some scary information sessions with the nurses, who showed me how to test my blood sugars, and self-inject insulin, I was sent home to start my…

By Christina Cran, Wee Seeds Founder

They say: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” But sometimes those lemons just sit in your lap, while you look at them and wonder how they got there. There’s times where getting up and brushing yourself off isn’t possible because the burden is just too heavy. Do you know that feeling?

Last week was one of those weeks. It was also an important week for us here at Wee Seeds (more to follow on that).

Ten days ago, as I sat down to my lunch at home, my son had just been pushed…


By Christina, Wee Seeds Founder

Sometimes one of the most important things we can do is stop & give our kids a big hug. Here’s a lovely wee activity that does just that and helps to create a deep connection between your child and you.

Human connections are so important — yet just now we are deprived of so many of them as Covid-19 keeps us distanced from those we love.

So I though we’d share one of our favourite exercises from the Wee Seeds Toolbox. If you’ve signed up for our mini-mindfulness exercises at, you’ll find a…

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